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  • Classic Read & Review

    Pros: You get more readers/emails. Works best for those unafraid of working directly with readers (not scared to poke at them if they haven't reviewed).

    Cons: Less desirable for those shy to poke at unresponsive readers.

    $30 for 35 Reviewers Number of reviews not guaranteed You receive emails/info for each reviewer. Communicate directly. Readers choose your book, they're interested. You provide ebooks to readers
  • Elite Readers Review

    Pros: All R&R perks, plus AXP will poke at readers not responding. More motivated reviewers.

    Cons: Costs a little more, fewer reader contacts provided.

    $40 for 15+ Reviewers Eight reviews guaranteed Same perks as the classic Read & Review Special requests available (odd audiences, etc.) You can add a request for Audio Reviews
  • Read & Review Pro

    Exactly the same as the Read & Review Classic with a discount for three books. Get at least 35 requests for each book.
    $70 for three books (save $20) Number of reviews not guaranteed You receive emails/info for each reviewer. Communicate directly. Readers choose your book, they're interested. You provide ebooks to readers
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Thank you so much for this awesome service, I've got loads of new reviews through your site :) ~ H.

In short, AXP is a "dating service" between readers and authors. These are real people, not employees. These are not paid reviews. 

Important things to know:

  1. There is no guarantee reviews received will be good. These are honest reviews by real people. But since you can talk to the reviewers directly, you can politely request that if they don't like your book, please don't review.
  2. Readers understand they must note on their review that they received a free copy and voluntarily reviewed. (Per FTC/Amazon rules) 
  3. Any book is eligible, though AXP reserves the right to refuse a book.
  4. If you don't receive at least 8 reviews through the Elite Readers, we'll run your book again and get you more reviewers. If for some reason you still aren't having any luck you'll be refunded. This rarely happens but some books are tougher than others!

Additional Perks

  1. You'll get a permanent spot in our book database and a temporary advertisement on our site
  2. You expose your books to more readers and possibly get more reviews and fans
  3. Great for getting "minimum reviews" required by promotion sites for new books

What about Amazon? 

Amazons Review Guidelines (10/3/16) state 

Book authors and publishers may continue to provide free or discounted copies of their books to readers, as long as the author or publisher does not require a review in exchange or attempt to influence the review. That means you can still give away free copies in the HOPES of getting reviews, but you can't give away free copies "in exchange for review."

Tips for the Programs and Working with Reviewers

After Signing Up You Must Add Your Book to the Database!
  • Login and click on "Add Your Book" under the USER MENU
  • Fill out the form to add your book. It will be approved and added to book library!
  • Your book cannot be presented to readers until it is in the AXP library.
Interacting with Readers
  • For each request you are sent - send them back something touching base like "I'm going to gift you a Kindle copy from Amazon, does that work?" Just to be sure they're on the planet before you send them something. If they don't get back to you, forget them and move on!
  • Send them any format you like (that they can read). When you send it, you can tell them you'd love a review but that it is not required.
  • Ask them to let you know once they've reviewed.
  • REMIND THEM TO ADD THE PHRASE "I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review" to their review! That's an Amazon law and FTC.  
  • Make an email template for sending to readers and save yourself some time!
  • Most people handle Out of the US requests by emailing them mobi, epub or PDF files or sending them to links where they can download them (some people use services like Book Funnel)